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Seitenshi Fin

The image on the left is a picture of Fin as a Seitenshi, a full fledged angel. Fin only managed to gain this rank at the end of the KKJ series when God used the last of his powers to change her from a Datenshi to a Seitenshi. Riru sama tells Fin that it was because God still loved Fin just like he loves any other angel, even though it had been "her fault" that he had lost a lot of power when Sagami cut her hair.

As a Seitenshi, they look like humans and they're human size as well. They have no stone on their forehead, but Fin still has the ability to turn into a small angel just like she used to look as a Juntenshi. Maron asks Fin to come back and she does, apologising for everything. At the very end, Fin saves Maron from the Devil's attack because she wants to protect both Maron and the Devil. She doesn't want him to stay alone and even though she loves Access, she sacrificed herself to stay by the Devil's side to heal his loneliness and bitterness.