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Fin's role & importance

Fin Fish is an angel who appears from chapter 1 of the manga, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Fin is Jeanne's partner angel, just like Access is to Sinbad. Fin finds the paintings for Jeanne and she collects the chess pieces when Jeanne checkmates the paintings. Jeanne also needs Fin's help to transform. Fin's stone in her forehead needs to be touching with the rosary and her power allows Maron to transform to Jeanne. Like Access, she can't be seen by humans because they are angels. Fin could also feel evil spirits around and that was how she knew that Zen was posessed.

Fin played a vital role in KKJ as Maron's only close family. She supported Maron and gave her someone to come home to. Although it was found out that Fin was only there to hurt Maron by betraying her, Maron still wanted her there because she just wanted someone with her. Maron didn't mind whether Fin was a Datenshi or a Juntenshi, as long as she would stay by her side.