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This is only a basic description of the relationships.

Juntenshi/Seitenshi Fin & Maron
Fin found Maron and asked her for help. Maron and Fin were the best of friends and just like close sisters. Fin was Maron's only real family since her parents weren't home.

Datenshi Fin & Maron
Maron still wants Fin with her, even though Fin wants nothing to do with her. She was ordered to make Maron a weak person.

Juntenshi Fin & Chiaki
They're pretty much rivals for Maron's love. They both refer to Maron as 'theirs' ^_^;

Juntenshi/Datenshi/Seitenshi Fin & Access
Access is head over heels with Fin and Fin admits in the end that she's loved him for a long time too!

Datenshi Fin & Devil-sama
Fin trusts him and does jobs for him. For more specifics, read the page about Datenshi Fin.

Datenshi Fin & Noin
Even though they're both working for the evil side, Noin and Fin don't get along. Noin doesn't like her because she used to live in the heavens and she doesn't belong in hell.

Juntenshi Fin & Sagami
Toki thought Fin liked Sagami a lot, but it wasn't true. Fin trusted Sagami and thought he was a great person for doing all the things he did. More on this relationship in the past life section.