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Juntenshi Fin Fish

Here are some stats on Fin

Date of birth : Long ago
Blood Type : Unknown being, so none
Hobbies : Knitting
Skills : Lecturing and begging
*note* Fin is really smart!
Favourite food : Pancakes
Height : 16cm
Weight : 120grams

Juntenshi Fin Fin has lime green hair and green eyes. Her hair is discoloured because of a strange mutation. She was quite bothered by it because it's a funny colour. Fin is Maron's cute and cuddly angel. Fin tries very hard to cheer up Maron and make her feel less lonely. She is aiming to be a seitenshi so she can be a high ranking angel to live in the heavens. She denies to have ANY feelings for Access, but I think she likes him anyway. Fin is the one who tells Maron where the paintings are for her to steal. Her feathers in her wings are also an item to help Jeanne. Jeanne gets no damage when she uses a feather to break her fall.

Before coming to the human world, Fin was friends with Access, Toki and Celcia. They were born of the tree "Flower".