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The cute, sweet young girl Natsuki Past life & rebirth

Fin's past life, means who she was as a human. Or who the human was that died, in order for Fin to be born. Fin's past life was a young girl called Natsuki, Kugahara Sagami's younger sister. She lived at a temple with Sagami and was gentle with a very kind heart. Natsuki was murdered by Sagami because he wanted more of the holy water at the temple. When Natsuki died (at sixteen years of age), she was frozen in ice to produce more holy water so Sagami could make money out of it to sell it. And as it turns out, Fin ends up meeting him on her first and only trip to the human world.

Maron gave Fin her power to reincarnate so she could see her again. 7 years later, Maron had a baby girl and she was Fin's rebirth. The baby had one hand tightly closed and she was holding Access' black earring. Maron named her Natsuki ^_^