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datenshi fin Datenshi Fin Fish

Fin actually grows into a full human sized angel. As you can see in the picture, Fin's clothes have changed dramatically. It seems that Fin isn't really the cute little angel, but rather a bad little angel with an attitude. She tells Maron she hates her and is quite alone after the incident because she has nowhere else to go. Datenshi Fin is devoted to the Devil because she also understands his loneliness. Fin chose the path of working for the Devil so she didn't have to die because she wanted to see Access again. More about that in the Fin's love section.

Fin's hair colour is still the same and same with her eyes, but her hair is back to her normal length (strangely enough her hair grew back - it was longer before she met Maron). The tattoo on her left leg is a symbol of banishment. I think it's a simplified image of the stone on her forehead surrounded by a wreath. When a Datenshi is touched by any other angel, their holy power is taken by the Datenshi.