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In case you've been following the Jeanne series, but don't know what all this "juntenshi" or "datenshi" means, here's a simple explanation.

The job of an angel is to grant the wishes of God and to help people. When an angel does a lot of good things, their rank increases. Also, the whiter/silver an angel's hair, the more power they have. Angel's store their power in their hair so the longer the better!

"Daitenshi" means "Great Angel"
"Seitenshi" means "Regular Angel"
"Juntenshi" means "Semi Angel"
"Kurotenshi" means "Black Angel"
"Datenshi" means "Banished Angel"

The highest angel rank of an angel is "Daitenshi". Riru sama was a "Daitenshi", the angel who always had his eyes closed ^_- Riru sama was shown to be the one who names the angels when they come to Heaven and also the one who allows angels to visit the human world, so the "Daitenshi" are very important people.

Below a "Daitenshi" is a "Seitenshi". Fin was trying to become a "Seitenshi" so she could become a full fledged angel and live in the Heavens.

A "Juntenshi" is a trainee angel, to put it in simple terms ^_^ They need to do a lot of good deeds to earn a higher rank.

A "Kurotenshi" is a different type of rank and every angel is born as one. They need to earn white wings to be a "Juntenshi".

Fin's real rank was a "Datenshi", meaning "Banished Angel". She was forbidden to return to the heavens, but God used the last of his powers to turn Fin into a "Seitenshi".