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I haven't read the Access side story so I don't know if anything was revealed about Fin's feelings in that. Fin has always loved Access and even though when she was in her Juntenshi state, she denied her feelings for him, at the end of the series she admits it to him. Before Fin went to the human world, Access wanted to tell her something and she promised to listen to what he had to say when she came back. But of course, Fin never came back to hear his words because she had been given the punishment of banishment from Heaven and to walk through the white gate to cease to exist. Before she walks through, the Devil invites Fin to work for the Devil's side and she willingly takes that path. It wasn't known why, until the end of the series when Access is yelling at her saying he was disappointed in her for choosing the most despicable choice and angel could choose, to work with the Devil. Fin only chose that path because she didn't want to die and she wanted to come back to be with Access and keep her promise to listen to what he had to say. There, she admits she's loved him for a long time and Access tells her he feels the same.

Even though Datenshi Fin seemed to love the Devil, she still only loved Access.